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Learn how 90+ entrepreneurs overcame uncertainty and lack of resources to build multi-million dollar businesses, from scratch.

"Success means a lot more than just being technically great at what you do. You have to market yourself, convince prospective clients that you’re awesome, write proposals, send invoices, chase payments, manage projects and clients, and so on."

- Brennan Dunn, founder of RightMessage & Double Your Freelancing


The Bootstrapping Summit

The Bootstrapping Summit is the first of its kind to document the journey of over 90 entrepreneurs who started with nothing and grew multi-million dollar businesses.

These founders will share how they built everything from software startups to e-commerce companies, to 6 and 7-figure agencies, and more.

Learn their secrets and strategies to overcome uncertainty, avoid mistakes, and do the things that work no matter how big or small your resources are.

But first, you need to choose your track…

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What Are You Working On?

Software/Hardware Products

Build products people will pay for and use. Learn how to pre-sell your idea with just a prototype, how to start with things that don’t scale and how to build the right product.

Digital Products

Build an audience, find out what your potential buyers will pay for and use before creating the product, leverage partnerships, increase your margins and maximize revenue.

E-commerce Products

Will enough people buy your product? Learn how to validate your product idea, set the perfect price, find the right manufacturer and account for the unexpected.

Freelancing/Agency Services

Leverage partnerships, cold emailing and other strategies to build leads and turn prospects into paying clients no matter your experience or knowledge in the space.

what you will learn

The Bootstrapping Summit Will
Show You How To:

  • Pre-sell Ideas Before Building The Product
  • Build A Network & Create a Snowball Effect Around Your Product Launch
  • Build Relationships With Key Influencers In
    Your Space
  • Start With Side Projects & Turn Them Into
    Full-Time Ventures
  • Raise Funds & Validate Ideas Through
    Affiliate Partnerships
  • Minimize Costs & Validate Ideas Without
    A Product
  • Be Patient, Deal With Uncertainty & Focus
    On Long Term Results
  • Connect The Dots About What It Takes To Start &
    Build Thriving Online Business And Startups

Lessons learned from founders who have struggled, failed, succeeded and got featured in


Learn From The Best:

Opening Keynote

In this keynote, I will set the stage for everything you will learn over the course of the summit. When you get a chance to hear the journey of close to 100 founders, you start to find a pattern for the things that work and don’t.

Abdo Riani


Brennan Dunn

Co-founder of

Learn and ask about how Brennan turned a successful career selling digital products into a startup venture that raised $500,000 from customers and partners within a week.

How Steven validated his idea by using rubber, ropes and a pencil.

Steven Sashen
Founder of Xero Shoes (appeared on Shark Tank)

How Will’s first success story, OneandOnly, outperformed when he didn’t even have enough funds to build a website.

Will Bunker
Founder of GrowthX

How Alejandro sold Santa Monica tourists his product to validate the concept and generate revenue for reinvestment.

Alejandro Rioja
Founder of Flux Charges and Future Sharks

How Jon built a $200+ million jerky product and sold it to Hershey by following lean startup principles.

Jon Sebastiani
Founder of Sonoma Brands

How Josh’s 100+ emails a day contributed significantly to building a million dollar company through affiliate partnerships.

Josh Haynam
Co-founder of Interact

How Mike built the first versions of his product by borrowing equipment from his employer.

Mike Wilson
Founder of Tinyme

Drew negotiated revenue sharing licensing deals to validate the concept before building his proprietary products that generated millions of dollars.

Drew Little
Founder of Red Giant

For Michael, where there’s opportunity, there’s a way to build wealth. He shares his approach to building businesses online and offline.

Michael Kawula
Founder of three 7 figures businesses

Matt turned a side hustle and what he planned to be a company that designs and sells phone cases into a growing full-time venture that manufactures phone case printers. He talks about the pivot and the journey.

Matt Feldman
Founder of Case Escape

From a successful career in journalism to building tech products with hundreds of thousands of users. Melinda talks about the early idea validation stages of Verifeed.

Melinda Wittstock
Founder of Verifeed

Starting day 1, how to combine lean principles with Nir’s Hooked model to build products people will use and reuse.

Nir Eyal
Entrepreneur & Author of Hooked

Justin leveraged the audience of influencers to sell $500,000 worth of subscriptions to Needls with just an MVP. You’ll learn how.

Justin Hartzman
Co-founder of Needls

Mikita “guessed” what his potential buyers need but no one bought. After a few iterations, they built a product close to 10,000 people use today. He shares his wins and losses.

Mikita Mikado
Founder of PandaDoc

Tim built an internal tool to help him promote his book by automating his social media shares but when people started asking more questions about how he was managing his social media than the book he was promoting, he focused on building Social Jukebox.

Tim Fargo
Founder of Social Jukebox

Ryan’s blog attracts over 2 million readers every year. Chances are, by now, you know how important is writing quality content to building an audience even before you have a product. Ryan tells us how, step by step.

Ryan Robinson
Content Marketing Consultant

See how mentors can be game changers with Lee who went from marketer for startups, editorial agencies, magazines, accelerators to founder of Publishizer, a company that helps authors fund and publish their books.

Lee Constantine
Co-founder of Publishizer

Entrepreneur, freelancer or author, publishing a book is one of the best ways to highlight your expertise, strengthen your brand in the industry, grow an audience and generate revenue. Alinka mastered book marketing and tells us the right way to do it.

Alinka Rutkowska
Book marketing expert

Here’s an example of a startup that started as an “Uber” for cleaning but found its success when it pivoted away from the marketplace model. Learn how and why from Michael Scharf the founder of MyClean.

Michael Scharf
Founder of MyClean

We all need some motivation and we can find countless motivational videos online but you can’t miss what Tanner has to say about achieving your potential and goals in a life filled with uncertainties, challenges and roadblocks

Tanner Gers
Motivational speaker & Author

Chris’s journey is the best case study I can share with you about how a hustler bootstrapped his way up to success in the tech industry under no budget or technical skills. See for yourself.

Chris Badgett
Co-founder of LifterLMS


Omar Zenhom

Omar succeeded at building different types of businesses from startups to digital products and an iTunes Best podcast. Ask him about validating ideas, bootstrapping and building products will use and pay for.

By combining his technical expertise with the sales skills of an old friend, Jói built CrankWheel, a chrome extension with clients like Icelandair and many multi-million dollar companies. He takes us through the journey of bootstrapping the startup.

Jói Sigurdsson
Co-founder of CrankWheel

The first time Chris and his co-founder Mattan applied to Y Combinator, their application got rejected. He shares the steps they took to build One Month to a million dollar course company.

Chris Castiglione
Co-founder of One Month

Laurence built Learn To Code With Me after sharing her journey learning programming. She built a fan base before launching her first digital product.

Laurence Bradford
Fonder of Learn To Code With Me

BillyApp is an easy-to-use accounting software launched by Toke in Denmark before expanding to the U.S. market. Toke and Joshua share their story building the early stages of BillyApp and their experience expanding to the U.S.

Toke Kruse
Founder of BillyApp

Addressing your audience through newsletters even before launching any product or service can help in many ways. Chris has a few newsletters that contributed to the success of many projects.

Chris Osborne
Founder of

Ash shares insights about what it takes to build products people use and pay for.

Ash Maurya
Founder of LEANSTACK

Micah bootstrapped Memberium after he’d built many membership sites for clients. He finally decided to build a SaaS business that many businesses can use without him having to build a platform from scratch every single time.

Micah Mitchell
Founder of Memberium

If you’re looking to build a career in consulting, Keith is the man to listen to. Learn about the transition from consulting to startup founder and what it takes to be successful in both.

Keith Perhac
Founder of Delfi-Net

Gavin is another example of an entrepreneur who transitioned from agency owner to startup founder. Currently he still runs both. He shares how his client work helped him find a gap in the market.

Gavin Mandelbaum
Founder of Acenda

Chase is aggressive when it comes to leveraging social media channels to build relationships with potential clients/users and influencers. He talks about the steps he takes to grow his communities and business.

Chase Dimond
Partner at ScaleUp Labs

Paul experimented with the idea of Task Pigeon through a pre-launch campaign and by leveraging beta sites. He talks about the process.

Paul Towers
Founder of Task Pigeon

Evan interviewed some of the most influential success stories on the planet and produced videos that attracted tens of millions of views. This is how he does it and how it all started.

Evan Carmichael
Entrepreneur & Influencer

Bubble provides you with all the tools you need to create web applications without writing code. Emmanuel shares the initial stages of building Bubble from idea to first paying user.

Emmanuel Straschnov
Founder of

For aspiring marketing consultants, Brian takes us through the early stages of starting a consulting career and the key success ingredients in this business so you can save time, reach your goals sooner and make fewer mistakes.

Brian Downard
Marketing Consultant

Patrick started many companies before creating one of his biggest success stories today, Rotten Tomatoes. He takes us through the steps he took to build this startup from the ground up.

Patrick Lee
Co-founder of Rotten Tomatoes

Vivino wouldn’t exist without a large database of wines in the system. With a quick $300 MVP, Heini outsourced through a freelancing marketplace, he built virality and got hundreds of thousands of users to populate the app with wines. Learn how.

Heini Zachariassen
Founder of Vivno

The workspace membership platform Croissant went through a few iterations before it hit the right idea and market. Dave takes us through the journey and shares his lessons learned taking his startup from idea to hundreds of workspaces and users. You’re going to want to learn how he explanded.

Dave Idell
Co-founder of Croissant

Andrea took Mailbird from an idea to over 1,000,000 users. She shares lots of actionable insights for starting and growing startup ventures and teams remotely.

Andrea Loubier
Founder of Mailbird


Nate Hirsch

Nate sold millions of products worth of ecommerce products on Amazon before he created and turned the freelancing marketplace FreeeUp into a multi-million dollar startup in just three years. Asking him your questions about drop shipping, outsourcing, freelancing, hiring and launching new products and services online and offline.

One of the startups Dmitry was part of got acquired by Google. Today, he’s latest venture, has over 4,000 paying users. He talks about the steps he took to build his startup and what you need to do to build relationships with key influencers.

Dmitry Dragilev
Founder of

Learn how Josh created a membership site with just an excel sheet and pushed himself to go out and speak about in public and on media stations despite his fear and hesitation.

Josh Elledge
Founder of SavingsAngel

Adii bootstrapped his startups by leveraging the insights from the community he built through his personal website and through experiments he ran to test if people will be willing to use and pay for the product. He shares the steps starting with the idea/hypothesis phase.

Adii Pienaar
Founder of Conversio

Bridget failed to build the right product a few times before she hit the right spot. She talks about the signals that entrepreneurs should pay attention to when it comes to making the decision to iterate, pivot or move on to another venture.

Bridget Harris
Founder of

Tom has been involved in the launch of different types of products and services. First, he shares insights about positioning your offering in a competitive marketplace. Second, he talks about what it takes to successfully launch a product or a service.

Tom Morkes
Founder of Insurgent Publishing

Alex got involved in many projects and companies before he learned the power of cold emailing. The ups and downs led to pre-selling $400,000 in yearly recurring revenue within a couple of months. Learn how he did it.

Alex Berman
Founder of Experiment27

According to Crunchbase, StubHub raised $18.6 million before it got acquired by eBay. TickPick is bootstrapped and competes with StubHub. Brett shares the decisions he made that helped him successfully bootstrap TickPick.

Brett Goldberg
Founder of TickPick

Kale pre-sold over $200,000 in annual memberships to his gym before it was open. He did it by building a network effect starting with the people he knew. This network effect turned into a snowball effect. Anyone can replicate the steps he took. Learn how he did it.

Kale Panoho
Founder of K&J Growth

Collin ran a successful consulting company before he merged his team with Aaron Ross’s startup to create Predictable Revenue. He talks about his journey building Carb and the merger process.

Collin Stewart
Co-founder of Predictable Revenue

Liam bootstrapped many successful startups. He shares his process for starting and bootstrapping startup ventures like he did with Time Doctor and

Liam Martin
Founder of Time Doctor &

If you want to learn how to bootstrap a company whose product is a combination of hardware and software, listen to what Tom has to say. He built TerraCycle with a mission to eliminate waste.

Tom Szaky
Founder of TerraCycle

Nowadays, search Freelance Marketplace and you’ll get a dozen options. Despite the competition, Nate built a marketplace that’s considered one of the most successful ones in the market today. Learn how you can use his strategies.

Nathan Hirsch
Founder of FreeeUp

The value of some businesses sometimes depends greatly on the relationships of the founders. Bluefish, a VIP concierge service is one of those models. Steve tells us how he started the company and acquired the first paying clients.

Steve Sims
Founder of The Bluefish

Derek says, “breakthrough ideas don’t usually come from looking at new ideas. They come often from looking at old ideas in a new way.” Learn more about this perspective and how to apply it to your business.

Derek Doepker
Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach

Glenn built a platform that rewards employees. In 2016, the company generated over $300 million in revenue. He shares how he built the initial stages of the company, validated the idea and scaled.

Glenn Elliot
Founder of Reward Gateway

It takes time to find the intersection between passion, purpose and profitability. Leonard went from homeless to a recognized branding expert by Forbes, Inc. and others all within 5 years. He shares his story and suggestions to starting entrepreneurs.

Leonard Kim
Co-founder of Influence Tree

Andrea understood early on that to succeed you need to go out and sell your products even if the plan is to eventually sell everything online. She shares her journey building an apparel and make your own sticker companies.

Andrea Lake
Founder of

Tracy and Tom Hazzard have collectively designed and developed over 250 products that generated close to $2 Billion in revenue. If you’re looking to create and patent new products, Tracy will show you how. She has 37 utility and design patents with 86% commercialization rate.

Tracy Leigh Hazzard
Co-founder of Hazz Design

From losing her job just a couple of years ago to working with multi-million dollar businesses today, you’ll learn two things from Mojca, how to build a successful Facebook ad agency and how to maximize your profits with Facebook ads.

Mojca Zove
Founder of Super Spicy Media

If you want to know anything about email marketing, Andre’s content should be one of your top resources. Also, who says you need to create videos to succeed at selling digital products? Up until today, Andre has launched several courses in text format and his students are doing great. Listen how.

Andre Chaperon
Founder of Tiny Little Businesses

If you sell a service and you believe your market is bound by the residents of your city, listen to how Andy took a yoga studio online and grew the company to become a national brand.

Andy Fossett
Co-founder of GMB

Mailshake, Voila Norbert, Pick, Link Texting,, and Web Profits are all companies under Sujan’s portfolio of startups. He went from finding a job to acquiring and selling startups. Learn how.

Sujan Patel
Founder of Web Profits

As a Harvard Business Review contributor and professional speaker, Dorie has so much to say about branding, building an audience and entrepreneurship. Hear how blogging helped her build a brand and launch many services over the years. She shares how you can do the same.

Dorie Clark
Marketing Strategy Consultant & Professional  Speaker


Chris Badget

Chris went through real tough times to get his startup off the ground. I invited Chris because he’s a perfect case study for someone who bootstrapped by selling services and doing things that don’t scale while looking after his family. Ask him about building a startup as a non-technical founder, finding a co-founder, doing things that don’t scale and building a work life balance.

Omar couldn’t find a good webinar solution, so he built Webinar Ninja. Learn how he validated the idea, built the MVP and got the first paying customer.

Omar Zenhom
Founder of Webinar Ninja

A successful company is one that solves problems and addresses needs. Brandon shares his process for finding customer pain points and building solution for them.

Brandon Bruce
Founder of Cirrus Insight

When Todd wanted a healthy and tasty anti-inflammatory energy drink but couldn’t find one, he created a product to address his own needs. He talks about the steps he took to get the first product out, test it and acquire the first customers.

Todd Ehrlich
Founder of Kill Cliff

The week Snappa was launched to the public, it generated over $2,000 in monthly recurring revenue. This was a result of months of testing and customer interaction. Chris takes us through the early stages and how you can do the same.

Chris Gimmer
Co-founder of Snappa

If you’re into explainer videos, Eric is the expert we have today. He built Explainify to take complex messages and make them simple through short videos. He talks about the initial stages of the company and what it took to turn it into a success story with hundreds of customers.

Eric Hinson
Founder of Explainify

Thousands of jewelry stores can customize a ring for you but how can you scale a model like this. Nikolay leveraged technology and a unique approach to turn the old business model into a scalable e-commerce platform that can serve thousands of customers without needing hundreds of employees.

Nikolay Piriankov
Founder of Taylor & Hart

If you’re creating a marketplace with high end products, Justin will tell you what you need to know and do from scratch. Through his company Empire Flippers, he sold hundreds of online companies.

Justin Cooke
Founder of Empire Flippers

Existing and aspiring freelancers and web/design agencies, Jo tells us how he built his development and design agency from the ground up after he’d created many successful apps like Ugly Meter.

Jo Overline
Founder of SwingDev

Here is an inspiring story of how a non-technical founder built an MVP without code and turned his idea into a successful marketplace that matches voiceover professionals with businesses.

David Ciccarelli
Founder of

Imagine you needed to double check if the car you’re ordering from another state is what you see online, what do you do? Before WeGoLook, you had two options, either go check it yourself or have a friend nearby inspect it. Robin tells us how she started and bootstrapped the first years of WeGoLook.

Robin Smith
Founder of WeGoLook

Building a community around your product is a topic mentioned and discussed in almost every single journey. Sangram took a slightly different approach. After he’d written a post about his idea, he created a conference, shared his vision and acquired his first customers. Learn how.

Sangram Vajre
Co-founder of Terminus

Chances are you’ve listened to or have heard about the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast. John built a podcasting empire one little step at a time. He shares the initial stages of getting his business off the ground and what contributed to its success.

John Lee Dumas
Founder of Entrepreneur On Fire

No one gets it right the first time. See how Manuel traveled the world and built different projects before creating a product that sticks. Maitre is a viral tool for growth through referrals. Follow the journey of building this startup from scratch.

Manuel Frigerio
Founder of Maitre

If you see yourself speaking and writing for a living or even if you want to leverage the influence of getting on stage and publishing books to gain recognition and grow an audience, Elinor is a great example to follow.

Elinor Stutz
Founder of SmoothSale

Here’s an example of entrepreneurship in its purest form. Mike built and launched over 10 products and services before creating scaling and profitable ventures, Sniply, Lumen5 and WittyCookie. Learn how he evaluates and executives on business opportunities online and offline.

Mike Cheng
Co-founder of Sniply and Lumen5

The first time I spoke with Brandon was a couple of years ago when Poindexter was just an idea. Today, he shares how he turned his vision for a better and easier financial planning software for startups into a product people are using and paying for.

Brandon Crossley
Founder of Poindexter

If you visited Upwork by this time last year, you would have seen Tanya on the home page of this giant marketplace. Just 5 years ago, freelancing for her was just an option. She shares her journey taking a small job opportunity to hundreds of clients and becoming the top Upwork agency.

Tanya Kobzar
Founder of Diversido

When your app depends heavily on the influence of others, you need to find a way to make it worth their time and support. Learn how Lin got celebrities to endorse his app which helped him generate millions of dollars.

Lin Dai
Founder of Hooch & Tap Coin

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of building and growing a community, here’s a case study of an entrepreneur who invested most of his savings to take over the Startup Watching community and newsletter. Learn more about growth by acquisition from Andrew.

Andrew Askins
Co-founder of Krit & Curator of Startup Watching

How Brennan leveraged his relationships to raise funds from his potential product users with just an MVP.

Brennan Dunn
Founder of


Sujan Patel

Mailshake, Voila Norbert, Pick, Link Texting,, and Web Profits are all companies under Sujan’s portfolio of startups. Ask him about building the right product, focusing on the right things, customer acquisition and building virality into the product.

You must have heard or come across some time in the past 2 years. Roger tells how the idea of this platform started, how the MVP looked and how he acquired the first paying users.

Roger Ver
Founder of

Cahlan sold a code school he bootstrapped for $20 million. Learn how he started DevMountain and how an in-person classes company can be scaled.

Cahlan Sharp
Founder of DevMountain

Alex Mehr founded the subscription service startup MentorBox. He shares the journey prior to launching MentorBox and the steps he took to validate the idea and scale quickly.

Alex Mehr
Founder of MentorBox raised a total of $44.3 million. Dennis shares the early stages of the company before he got funded. He talks about the factors that contributed to investors’ interest and willingness to invest in the company in the early stages.

Dennis R. Mortensen

Foundersuite provides entrepreneurs with a lot of great tools to find the right investor and get funded. Nathan talks about the early stages of the company and what you need to know about fundraising.

Nathan Beckord
Founder of Foundersuite

Jeremy’s startup helps companies generate leads using quizzes. He shares his story for starting the company, how he validated the idea and built a product people liked and paid for.

Jeremy Ellens
Founder of LeadQuizzes

Torrey started his video production company with a unique value proposition. Unlike others, the videos his company create look like movie trailers. He talks about the early stages of the company and how he turned his vision into a success in a competitive market. Also, see how he created and sold an innovative hardware product.

Torrey Tayenaka
Founder of The Sparkhouse

Jake helps agencies and consultants acquire new clients. To expand his business services beyond consulting, he launched Lead Cookie. Learn about productized services and how to launch your own.

Jake Jorgovan
Founder of Lead Cookie

Kyle struggled to get Proposify off the ground until he and his co-founder almost let go. Learn how he fought back and made it happen.

Kyle Racki
Co-founder of Proposify

If you want to run your SaaS pricing by an expert, you use Price Intelligently. Patrick shares the journey of building his startup from hypothesis to first paying customer.

Patrick Campbell
Founder of Price Intelligently

If your business relies heavily on relationships, Zvi has a solution for you. He built Contatually to help professionals stay in touch. Learn how saw the opportunity to build a solution, how he executed on the idea and acquired the first paying user.

Zvi Band
Co-founder of Contactually

If you’re building or planning on building an e-commerce business, Ezra has so many lessons learned to share. Besides his experience taking small products to millions of dollars in revenue, he built tools that make his job easier. Listen how.

Ezra Firestone
Founder of SmartMarketer

Remember how Justin Hartzman leveraged the audience of an influencer to introduce his product through a webinar and generate over $500,000 worth of presales? Well, Jon is the master of webinars. He shares what it takes to successfully launch a webinar and how he built his coaching/consulting company.

Jon Schumacher
Webinar Coach

If you’re building a nonprofit, here is a case study for you. Michelle built Techtonica to help underrepresented women and non-binary adults in need. Learn how to set up the company, find sponsors and make a difference

Michelle Glauser
Founder of Techtonica

There are many freelancing marketplaces in the market but have you heard of one where you can hire for free? GenM is a digital apprenticeship marketplace that connects students who are looking for experience with professionals. See how Moe started and grew this startup.

Moe Abbass
Co-founder of GenM

From ideations to prototyping, market testing, manufacturing and sales, Roy specializes in taking ideas to market through the power of crowdfunding. Find out how.

Roy Morejon
Founder of Eventys Partners

One of the best business investments, especially in the beginning, are on tasks that don’t cost money to do and where you can control your results by hustling. Imagine if you knew you had potential clients on Craigslist, what would you do? Michael published their ad for web and mobile development services all day and it worked.

Michael Georgiou
Founder of Imaginovation

Close to 100 case studies later, you heard what it takes to get an idea off the ground but what about boosting sales from 5 to 6 to 7 figures? Katya tells us what we need to know about systems and structure

Katya Sarmiento
Founder of Reach and Make Millions


Tom Morkes

Tom was behind some of the biggest product launches with entrepreneurs like Neil Patel and John Lee Dumas and companies like Teachable. Ask him about the product/service launch sequence from idea to pre-sales and beyond

Meet your host

Abdo Riani

Having been involved in numerous bootstrapped startup and online ventures over the years, Abdo learned first hand what it takes to successfully bootstrap companies.

He’s the founder of where he creates products and services for bootstrapped founders, and AspireIT, a startup development studio for non-technical founders.

Abdo is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs with resources to build viable and valuable startup and online ventures.

What people are saying:

“I was absolutely blown away. I have known Abdo for one year, he has helped countless find the resources they need to bootstrap their startups and make their dreams a reality. It’s been a game changer. I’ve seen a lot of my customers get so much value of what’ he’s doing…”


   Dmitry Dragilev
   Founder of

“I met Abdo last year and ever since since, I’ve been blown away by his work ethic and the value he’s created for my audience, people who are self-funded entrepreneurs who want to start and grow their businesses without going into debt or raising capital… I could not recommend him more highly.”


   Ryan Robinson
Content Marketing Consultant

As a bootstrap entreprenuer you have to experiment, find new customers and work to earn their loyalty. These are a few of the many requirements.

Add tracking value on investments because it is essential to a bootstraps survival.

Working with Abdo has meant a weight lifted from my shoulders.


Because there are only a few aspects of business which must be attended to and in the whirl of bootstraping it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

Abdo is that voice of truth to help you juggle all those apples, orange and chainsaws while keeping your balance.

Because you need to keep your balance, especially for those near and dear to you. They want us to suceed too…

I mentioned before about tracking value. Yep: Abdo absolutely delivers. Best bootstrap investment I have ever made. Simple as that.


   Ronnie Hughans
Founder of

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